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Mana Pool Recharged!

2011-01-27 23:36:46 by Archmage-flash

I took a huge brake from programming in general but I am back now, with the submission of my newest flash game Beetle Mania.


Mana Pool Recharged!

hi there

2008-04-20 11:01:40 by Archmage-flash

I just felt like making a new post :P

I have teamed up with BorntoByte to create a platfromer shooter game. We just started a little while ago and I personally think that it's coming along well.

See what I got done so far @ 8522_Jarhead_custom.php

AWD to move and click to shoot.

Making a flash for the x-mas collab

2007-11-10 12:26:15 by Archmage-flash

Sooo it's that time of year again and I wish you all a happy holiday!

To celebrate I made a small game for the x-mas collab.

Making a game for the halloween collab!

2007-10-12 21:38:10 by Archmage-flash

So I am taking a break from my main project to work on a flash for coolio-niato's Halloween collab. The game play for my game will be like you have to beat up these kids and steal their candy and as you beat more kids up tougher kids come out. I am almost finished coding the game just waiting for my animator to make the sprites and other pictures. My animator is KartuneHustla and he has been really great and co-operative and he has some impressive animation skill. The collab will probably hit the portal on the 25th and it will be entered into the armor games Halloween contest. I am pretty excited because this game will probably get front page and get tons of views and maybe win the contest at armor-games and me and my partner will win 50 dollars each :)

Still waiting for my sprites and pictures though.. he better be working on them :\

If you have ever played Paper Mario and the One-Thousand Year Door then you know that between each chapter you get to play as bowser and crush and destroy stuff with his immense size and firebreath. Well I was thinking that it would be awesome to play these levels in a flash game so I began to program Super Bowser Land in where I hope to make the game play similar. I haven't got too much done because I have been busy with school but I am trying to work on it a little bit every day.

If you have never played Paper Mario 2 and want to see a scene of bowser destroying stuff in a cool level go

If you want to see what I have done so far to go _bowser%20game